I’m Yoonju, a junior at Georgia Tech.  I am majoring in chemical engineering but am intending on going to medical school to *hopefully* become an orthopedic surgeon.  I’m from the Athens, GA area.  I was a part of the class of 2014 of North Oconee High School, and my brothers are still in school in the area.
I’ve always loved photography-I’m the annoying one in the family always making my brothers pose for a picture.  I’m obsessed with portrait photography.  Children, families, senior portraits-I love catching the intimacy and special moments with my camera! Along with photography, my hobbies include running, yoga, sewing, and Pinterest-ing.
 With so many precious moments throughout our lives, photographs are a must! They allow us to tell our stories for generations.  They are like a time capsule on paper.  I cannot wait to meet you and capture your life moments!